Submit an article to OTAC Pulse

OTAC invites OT practitioners and students who are interested in being authors and would like to submit articles to the OTAC Pulse

OTAC serves to provide objective information to membership, consumers, and other interested parties. The OTAC Pulse is the official newsletter of OTAC and it serves to provide news and information related to specific area of practice, professional role delineation, public policy, or other specialty topics.

Newsletter Content Ideas:
- Specialty topics (example: experts within their field can share advice, insight, knowledge)
- Success stories or personal essay.
- Highlight a professional/colleague on their professional accomplishment or of your own professional accomplishment.

Who Can Be An Author?:
- Someone who is an expert in a subject matter of a highlighted field.
- Someone who wants to share an experience that is compelling to read and will provide value and interest to membership. 
- Coworker or yourself who wants to inform the OT community of your colleagues or your own professional accomplishment. 

Author Guidelines:
- Article content should be accurate in both the overview and the details, and should have citations to support content when applicable.
- Article content avoid any perception of favoritism or promotion of specific products, services, companies, treatments, people, or any other entity.
- To read additional author guidelines, please read the first page of the OTAC Pulse Submission Form


To submit a newsletter article, fill out the OTAC Pulse Submission Form

OTAC Pulse Submission Form

Please contact Board Chair for Communication at [email protected] if you have questions on writing an article or about the submission process.