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OTAC President Welcomes You To The New Year and New Website

January 18, 2017

Happy New Year! 

This marks a special year for occupational therapy as we celebrate our 100th year as a profession! Wouldn't you love to know what the first OT/OTAs would think if they saw everything we do now? Let's celebrate this year together! 

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As we head off into 2017 you will see exciting changes with our website and newsletter. 

Our newsletter serves as the official communication platform for our members within OTAC. For many of you, you may remember when the newsletter arrived by snail mail! It evolved to an online email newsletter and now will transform even more to allow you quick access to important articles, upcoming events and feature stories. You will find the newsletter easier to navigate and utilize for your professional growth. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter or would like to advertise within the newsletter, please contact OTAC. 

In addition, you will see a new OTAC website! Take the time to check it out! The website is there for your benefit as a member and I believe you will be pleased with the changes. MemberClicks powers our website and it allows easy access to your membership, renewal of membership, event registrations, application submissions, clinical information and resources and more. 

We look forward to celebrating our incredible and diverse profession in the months ahead. Don't forget about OT Month in April, the national AOTA conference March 30-April 2 and the OTAC conference in the fall. Spectacular occasions to celebrate our centennial year! 

Krista Covell-Pierson, OTR/L, BCB-PMD
OTAC President

Annual Treasurer Report Is Available

January 18 ,2017

Dues increase for professional members begins in January.

The OT professional dues will be $75 and the OTA professional dues will be $50.

How are dues used?

OTAC is a 501(c) 6 non-profit organization. The mission of OTAC is to:

  1. Track and act upon legislative and financial issues that affect the OT profession.
  2. Provide professional development and continuing education opportunities to members.
  3. Serve member needs to remain professionally connected with peers and recognized within the state of Colorado for their work.

Per IRS regulation, the dues income is required to cover the expense of legislative efforts such as our lobbyist. Therefore, periodically it becomes necessary to raise dues to meet this standard.

Why does OTAC need the services of a lobbyist if we already have licensure?

OTAC values the OT profession in Colorado. Therefore, the board continues to use the services of a lobbyist to discourage financial issue bills which might limit OT service to the public and bills which encroach into OT areas of expertise by other professions. The lobbyist, along with the volunteer OTAC Public Policy Chair, provides up to date information to the board regarding legislative issues of concern. The lobbyist recognizes and can act on financial and encroachment issues more quickly than the volunteer OTAC Board. Their expertise is necessary to protect our OT profession in Colorado.

Did you know how unique OTAC members are?

At this time approximately 5000 OT professionals are licensed in Colorado. OTAC members are about 3% of this number. You are the students and professionals who recognize and value OTAC’s mission to protect OT in Colorado. The OTAC Board appreciates and thanks all of you for your ongoing support. If you know non-member professionals, please educate and encourage them to join OTAC to protect their right to practice in Colorado.

The Bigger the Number, the Bigger the Voice. Let our Voice be heard by renewing or joining OTAC today.

Lucy Bosio, MAT, OTR/L
OTAC Treasurer 2016-17

Capitol Hill Day Announced for 2017

January 18, 2017

Save the Date!

Capitol Hill Day 2017-- Wednesday, March 8. Stay tuned for further information.

For information on current Bills in the legislature, see our Legislative Corner (on the right hand side of the OTAC Pulse). 

At the 2016 Capitol Hill Day we had seventy-one students and practitioners attend. We are excited to see all of you back, and we hope you bring your friends and colleagues. We hope to make 2017 Capitol Hill Day as successful as years past. 


Membership Chair Announces New OTAC Membership and Changes

January 18, 2017

To our Associates and Members:

Effective January 12th, 2017, OTAC introduced transformations in member classes so that we can more thoroughly capture your status to better serve you.

In summary:

  • Omitted OTS/OTAS 2 Year Membership: This omission allows OTAC to improve our accuracy in recognizing members who have graduated from OT/OTA student to OT practitioner.
  • Offering Sustaining Membership: Sustaining member status allows an OT Practitioner, who is in good standing with current membership, to be recognized for providing additional financial support to OTAC.
  • Coming soon! Business Membership: This member class has not gone into effect, but is well underway.  OTAC values the organizations that support the profession of OT. With this membership, businesses are eligible for discounts at OTAC events, in advertising, and member connections.

We view these changes as a privilege and an opportunity to better attend and recognize you and your interests.

Thank you for your continuous support of OTAC! This year I look forward to introducing you to additional improvements in member benefits and announcements.

Amber Sand, BS, COTA/L
OTAC Membership Chair
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