Awards and Recognitions

Reflect on the valuable relationships you have with people in our profession. Do you work alongside a colleague who consistently demonstrates that client-centered and occupation-based knack? Do you have a mentor who is always there for you? Do you partner with a Fieldwork Educator who promotes interprofessional collaboration? Do you witness the energetic, diverse, and professional connection between an OT and OTA? 

Please take this opportunity to recognize an incredible practitioner for the difference they make. 

Submit nominations for the following awards, below. Nominations are due September 1. Recipients will be announced at the annual conference that is typically held in October. 

Please contact [email protected] for questions. 

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Marjorie Ball Award of Merit

This award is presented to an outstanding OT/OTR whose contributions have made a difference in the field of occupational therapy and specifically to the profession within Colorado. This is the highest honor that can be awarded by the Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado. Speaking at the annual State Conference the year following receipt of the award honors Marjorie Ball Award recipients. 

Marjorie Ball was the head of Colorado State University's Department of Occupational Therapy for twenty-one years. She was instrumental in developing the OT program into one of the largest of its type in the country. Her career also included work at Missouri's Firmin Desloge Hospital and Miriam Convalescent Hospital. She served for several years as chief of occupational therapy at Bushnell General Hospital, Brigham City, Utah, and at Wakeman Convalescent Hospital, Camp Atterbur, Indiana. She spent a sabbatical year lecturing and working in l'Ecole d'Ergotherapie, Hôpital des Enfants Malades, in Paris, and at La Clinique de Recuperation Fonctionelle, Les Charmilles, in Valenton, France.

To honor her contributions to the field, OTAC established an annual lectureship award in her name. The following people have received the Marjorie Ball Lectureship, the highest award an OTR can receive in the state of Colorado.

 2020 Marjorie Ball Award of Merit Recipient

Bailey LeBoeuf Johnson, MS, OTR/L is being recognized for her work as an advocate for occupational therapy and for her contributions to OT practice in Colorado. With a passion for mental health practice, Bailey developed roles early in her career as an OT practitioner, first within a community-based mental health program, and eventually in private practice. Through advocacy and education, she has fought for access to OT services for adults experiencing mental illness. Recently, Bailey joined the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program faculty at Pima Medical Institute as an instructor for mental health courses and to be the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator. She is passionate about fostering leadership and advocacy skills in occupational therapy students.

Bailey has also worked to gain access to occupational therapy services for adults who were uninsured. She started the Occupational Therapy Program within the DAWN clinic, an interdisciplinary, student-run, free clinic in Aurora. She regularly volunteers at the clinic to provide OT services, supervise students, and provide education about OT to future healthcare professionals from a variety of disciplines.

Bailey is being recognized by the Margorie Ball Award of Merit for her recent role as OTAC Public Policy Chair, specifically towards updating the Occupational Therapy Practice Act in Colorado with HB20-1230. She has been involved in supporting other legislation during the last two legislative settings regarding mental health and opioid public health legislation. She coordinated efforts to ensure effective testimony was provided on behalf of OT practice to support the bill and other legislation during the hearing process. Bailey has spent many hours working with the OTAC Lobbyists, the OTAC Legislative Committee, AOTA, and OT experts in a variety of settings to ensure language in the practice act accurately reflected current occupational therapy needs and practice in Colorado. As the OTAC Public Policy Chair, she has been involved in the OTAC Capital Hill Day in 2018 and 2019.

Bailey continues to support the practice of occupational therapy in her roles of practitioner, educator, community volunteer, and as Public Policy Chair of OTAC. Her passion for advocacy for our profession is contagious, and her efforts have benefitted occupational therapy practitioners, students, and recipients of OT care in Colorado.

1968 - Alberta Harrah 

1969 - Chloe Nelson 

1970 - Not Awarded 

1971 - Ellie Gilfoyle 

1975 - Ann Grady 

1976 - Wanda Mayberry 

1978 - Doris Shriver 

1980 - Bobbie Smith 

1981 - Pat Christ 

1985 - Agatha Jackson 

1986 - Bill Lofton

1987 - Mary Hillary

1988 - Karen Spencer 

1989 - Susan Johnson 

1990 - Barbara Strewler

1991 - Joanie McMullen 

1992 - Patrice O'Reilly

1993 - Wanda Mayberry 

1995 - Constance Mullens 

1996 - Rosalie Lewin 

1997 - Anne Fisher 

1998 - Lois Hickman 

1999 - Cynthia Cano 

2000 - Wanda Mayberry

2001 - Anita Bundy

2002 - Pam DiPasquale-Lehnerz

2003 - Dottie Davis

2004 - Lucy Jane Miller

2005 - Susan Zekert

2006 - Becky Robler 

2007 - Terry Hawkins 

2008 - Susan Woodmansee

2009 - Janice Hinds

2010 - Not awarded

2011 - Not awarded

2012 -  Not awarded

2013 - Pat McKenna

2014 - Karen Atler

2015 - Audrey Aguilar
2016- Suzanne Holm
2017 - Terri Cassidy 
2018 - Patty Stutz-Tanenbaum
2019 - Lucy Bosio
2020 - Bailey LeBoeuf Johnson









Agatha Jackson COTA Award of Excellence 

This award was established to honor Agatha Jackson, a vital member of our OT community since 1960. Our purpose in nominating (Certified) Occupational Therapy Assistants is to recognize the many contributions that OTAs/COTAs make to the profession in the areas of practice, education, and community service. Speaking at the annual State Conference the year following receipt of the award honors Agatha Jackson Award recipients.


2020 Agatha Jackson COTA Award of Excellence Recipient

Meghan Weber is a certified occupational therapy assistant (OTA). She works for Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare serving children and families  in the Denver Metro Area. This is her first year in the field of occupational therapy. She has a background in behavior therapy, working in schools and respite care. She was drawn to occupational therapy based on the field’s holistic approach and providing children with strategies that can be used throughout their lifetime.

At Pima Medical Institute, she was an excellent student and assumed a leadership role as the OTAC student representative for the Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA). She contributed to community service, fundraising, and social events throughout her tenure as an OTA student. 

Currently, Meghan is the Communication Chair for OTAC, a role for which she  volunteered when that position was vacant and desperately needed. As communication chair, Meghan has been instrumental in ensuring that this year's virtual conference is professionally presented and effectively. She has responded promptly, accurately, positively, and with extensive knowledge. Without Meghan's contributions to the technical aspects of this virtual endeavor, carrying out this conference would not have been possible. She has dedicated extensive hours and energy to this project, contributing her technical knowledge and implementing effective processes. Additionally, she has supported and educated those who are less tech-savvy. She has exemplified “going above and beyond." Based on Meghan’s contributions, her dedication to occupational therapy and OTAC she was awarded the 2020 Agatha Jackson Award of Excellence.

1986 - Lorraine Holden

1988 - Lynn Hoppe 

1989 - Susan Johnson 

1992 - Genita Maun

1993 - Helen Wetzel 

1994 - Shirley Marino 

1995 - Pat Webb 

1998 - Christine Newell

2003 - Melissa Riehl

2004 - Barbara Lanning 

2005 - Laura Carver 

2006 - Gerald Valdez

2007 - Stephanie Rae Dionisio

2008 - Will O’Hearn

2009 - Bill Tiffany

2010 - Shannon Michel

2011 - Craig Dauer

2012 - Not Awarded

2013 - Not Awarded

2014 - Not Awarded
2017 - Linda Wilks
2018 - Patty Fantauzzo
2020 - Meghan Weber












Dottie Davis Service Awards 

This award was established to honor Dottie Davis, a valuable and influential member of our OT community since 1946. Service awards are presented to acknowledge individuals who have worked hard for the profession and the state association, OTAC. 

OT-OTA Partnership Award

This award recognizes an effective partnership between an OT and an OTA (OTR and COTA). This partnership must advance the OT profession, exemplify teamwork, and promote quality client service.

Recognition Awards 

2012 - Pueblo Community College faculty
2018- Dr. Barbara Hooper
2018 - 
Jeni Finnigan
2018 - 
Melissa Sixta
2018 - 
Mandy Chamberlin

Recognition Awards acknowledge an individual’s or an organization’s hard work, support for, and dedication to the field of occupational therapy.