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Live your best lifeWhat is OT?

Occupational therapists (OT) and occupational therapy assistants (OTA) work with people of all ages in order to help them live their best lives!

Occupational therapy practitioners believe that for people to be healthy and happy, they must be able to engage in a wide variety of "occupations," which refers to any and every activity people are "occupied" with during their daily lives. These occupations may be as basic as caring for oneself (grooming, personal hygiene, eating) or as complex as learning to play with other children, participating in school activities, holding a job, caring for one's children, participating in sports, or maintaining meaningful relationships with others.

In Colorado, individuals may directly request OT services (without a referral) or the request may come from a family member, an employer, teacher, friend, physician, or other professionals. 

Occupational therapy is offered in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, neonatal units, skilled nursing facilities, mental health organizations, private practice clinics, home health agencies, community settings, and more. 

Occupational Therapy is a service provided by professionals who have successfully completed an extensive postsecondary OT education program AND who have passed a national certification examination. Certified Occupational Therapists (OTRs) and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTAs) work with people of all ages to enhance their performance of important everyday activities (occupations) despite the effects of illness, disability, or injury.Helping with Grocery shopping

Occupational therapy practitioners are skilled problem solvers who are committed to finding ways to reduce the negative impacts of a disability, illness, or injury on everyday functioning.

Live your best life with occupational therapy!

For more information about occupational therapy, please visit the web site for the American Occupational Therapy Association at AOTA.


OTAC President’s Annual Letter

January 9, 2021

Dear OTAC members, Colorado Occupational Therapy practitioners, and Occupational Therapy students,

On behalf of the Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado (OTAC), I want to express my deepest gratitude for your continued pursuit of excellence and advocacy for the practice of the profession of occupational therapy in the state of Colorado.

In the face of the unprecedented adversity, uncertainty, and professional and personal challenges of this past year, you demonstrated your resilience, compassion, and creativity, and made a difference every day in the lives of the people you cared for.

I am honored to have been elected to serve as the president of OTAC for the next two years and would like to thank our past president, Pam DiPasquale, for her leadership and her untiring passion in advocating for our profession over many years of service to OTAC.

2020 was a tough year. 2021 holds promise to be a better year, yet our need to adapt to the changes and uncertainty ahead will continue to challenge us. Three values that help guide me, both professionally and personally, are courage, compassion, and creativity.

With the uncertainty and elements of chaos in the world of healthcare, and the world around us, we need these three virtues now more than ever. We need the innovation, exploration, research, and inspired advocacy of the occupational therapy practitioners and students who will improve the lives and environments of the people we serve and shape the future of our profession.

As occupational therapy practitioners and students, we see possibilities and we believe in the resilience and potential of every person. OTAC exists to support you in achieving those possibilities and potentials. We have a mission for 2021 and we invite you to join us in support of this mission by becoming a new member or renewing membership, volunteering for a project or committee, attending or presenting continuing education sessions offered throughout the year and at conference, participating in town hall and panel discussions, joining a study or special interest group, and sharing your ideas and feedback so we can continue to improve our service to you.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, feedback, or ideas. I look forward to working together to further develop an association that is responsive and supportive to the needs of OT practitioners and students in the state of Colorado!


Linda Crawford, OTR/L, CDWF

OTAC President 2021-2022

[email protected]


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The financial support from our members goes towards supporting our legislative efforts on behalf of occupational therapy practice in the state of Colorado.

OTAC also offers members continuing education discounts,  networking activities, and leadership and volunteer opportunities.

In October, we offer an annual conference, and in 2021 OTAC will be offering additional professional development activities including free contact hours for members, panel discussions, townhall meetings, and more!

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